Miranda Esmonde-White

Miranda Esmonde-White has spent most of her life dancing and sharing the artistry of dance with others.  A former ballerina, Miranda has used her understanding of movement to create a stretch and strengthening fitness program, which targets the needs of everyone from women and men of all ages to elite athletes.  Today, she is well known for her work with Olympic Medalist Diver Alexandre Despatie, World Squash Champion, Jonathon Power, Canadian Skating Champion Joannie Rochette and students from the notorious Cirque du Soleil School, École National de Cirque. 

Miranda debuted her career dancing at the famous National Ballet School of Canada under the instruction Betty Oliphant and Celia Franca.  Following her formation as a ballet dancer, she performed around the world with the National Ballet of Canada.  Miranda had the opportunity to dance with prima ballerinas such as Margot Fonteyn, Karen Kain, Rudolf Nureyev and worked with top choreographers and teachers including Roland Petit, Jose Greco, and Robert Joffrey.  A ballet accident forced her to retire at a young age. 

After teaching at several reputable ballet schools, Miranda opened her own dance school on the outskirts of Montreal, Canada.  After suffering from recurring back pain, Miranda began to research exercise techniques geared at alleviating lower back pain.  Her discoveries not only healed her own back pain but also helped hundreds of people treat muscular-skeletal conditions.   In addition, students were noticing the change in the shape of their bodies from following the program.  People saw thinning results that they could not achieve in other exercise programs.  Miranda soon translated her research into a stretch and strengthening concept called Classical Stretch - The Esmonde Technique™

Classical Stretch is a full-body workout – it helps relieve back and knee pain, treats and prevents injuries and slenderizes bodies.  In the last 5 years, Esmonde-White has healed top athletes, has her own daily exercise show on PBS, and has produced a series of Classical Stretch DVDs.  She also holds regular workshops for Level 4 Olympic coaches and for well known Universities and colleges.  Most recently, she has created a distance learning University Credit Course that will begin to be offered in Universities across the US by fall 2006.


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